STONE HOUSE 1997-2007                                          
  1997 Digging to bed rock   1997 The Stone Cutters Moving stones Positionning A lot of ciment The Stonemasons The team, A well deserved drink! 2001 A Stone Odyssey 2002 The art of vault   2002 Removing the frame 2003 The walls are slowly rising

2004 A door at last

2004 Finaly the walls are completed 2005 Begining the upper structure 2006 Making the balustrade   2006 We only need a roof now!   2007 Preassemble Roof structure


In1997, a group of very optimists students decided to build a little stone building. At the end of two exhausting week-ends, only half of the foundations were builted. It will take 10 years to see the walls completed!


Students:Robert Craig, Kevin Dandurand, Rosey Edeh, Ian Gemmill, Emely Griffith, John Leroux, Marie-chantal Marchand, Nanette Plant Randal Rogers, Stephen Werry, Ian Stewart, Jonathan Wise.

Workers: Henri Bélisle, Hugues Francoeur, Laurence Cloutier-Boucher, Antoine Cloutier-Bélisle, Nicole Cloutier, Barbara Mendoza, Laurence Lemay-Bélisle, Émilie Lemay-Bélisle, Catherine Lemay-Bélisle, Claire Bélisle, Richard Lemay, Lucie Bélisle, Geoffroy Delorme, Jean Bélisle, Pascal Spino et Lucie, Martin Champagne, Gabriel Villeneuve, Anne Sabourin, Maryline Thibault, Menaud Lapointe, Isabelle Beauchamp, Céline Cozic, Thomas Kronenthal, Isabelle Pominville, Louise Lefebvre, Alain (Pepsi) Landry

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