PALISSADE 2004                          
In 2004, It's time to protect the group. So let's build a palissade to surround our little establishment.
    Cutting a tree     Removing the bark   Working on the posts Building the frame   Making the pegs Assembling the posts Drilling     The team

A Palissade at last



Students:Karine Bassal, Amanda Beattie, Jean-François Bélisle, Julie Boivin, Reid Cooper, Jennifer Dyck, Olivia Emma Ralevsky, Emily Robertson, Ivana Simic, Marcha Taichman et Amanda York.

Workers: Laurence Lemay-Bélisle, Émilie Lemay-Bélisle, Catherine Lemay-Bélisle, Claire Bélisle, Richard Lemay, Lucie Bélisle,

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