LONG HOUSE 1996-2006                                
  1996 Ready to build   1997 Cutting with stone axe Assembling Raising Tying Covering   A well deserved rest! The team 1997 Finish at last  1998 Smoking permitted 1999 It's quite confortable for a night 2001 Vandalism on the second skin

2001 The palissade is down

2006 The Long House is down  2006 A new archaeological project


Building an Iroquoian Long House is easy on paper, but in the middle of a forest it's another story. Cutting a tree with a stone axe is much more difficult than with a steel one. We have to relearn how to build.


Students:Katherine Bosnitch, Alison Crossman, Helene Cunningham, Lara T. Evoy,John K. Grande Catherine Mattes, Terry Provost, Grazyna Szawlowsky, Lara H. Tomaszewsky, Sarah Joanne Touchie, Abbie Felice Weinberg, W. Stephen Werry et Jonathan Wise.

Workers: Antoine Cloutier-Bélisle, Denis Valiquette, Vincent Cloutier-Boucher, Laurence Lemay-Bélisle, Émilie Lemay-Bélisle, Catherine Lemay-Bélisle, Claire Bélisle, Richard Lemay, Lucie Bélisle, Louise Lefebvre.

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