DAUB & WATTLE HOUSE 2001                                
  On the bed rock Working on the frame   Assembling the frame Erecting the frame   Making the pegs The clay pit Dirty hands Very good for the skin Filling the spaces   Artistic inspiration September 2001The team

November 2001 Finishing touch



Arriving from France, the first settlers of Montreal will rebuilted a known environment. The daub & Wattle building will be their prime choice. When they left France the last construction they saw was propably a daub & wattle house.


Students:Alice Dind, Irmela Agnes Dmytruck, Mara-Lee Karen Fleming, Tricia Johns, Annie Khatchadourian, Jacqulyn Kolodiejchuk, John Latour, Barbara R. Magidson et Fotini Rapanos.

Workers: Antoine Cloutier-Bélisle, Laurence Lemay-Bélisle, Émilie Lemay-Bélisle, Catherine Lemay-Bélisle, Claire Bélisle, Richard Lemay, Lucie Bélisle,Menaud Lapointe, Nicole Cloutier et Jean Bélisle.

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