BREAD OVEN 2000                                  
  2000 The stones base 4 to 1 The slab Framing the form Adding birch bark Back to the clay pit Bare foot in the clay Beggining the dome Chain work   The dome completed  Building a roof Pyromaniac First fire burning the form

Cooking with a brand new oven    13 meat pie at the same time
In parallel to the buildings experiment, a bread oven was to be build in response to a need for good food. Hungry worker were now dicovering that a lot of thing could be cooked in a bread oven.                  


Workers: Antoine Cloutier-Bélisle, Laurence Lemay-Bélisle, Émilie Lemay-Bélisle, Catherine Lemay-Bélisle, Claire Bélisle, Richard Lemay, Lucie Bélisle, Geoffroy Delorme, Jean Bélisle et Nicole Cloutier.

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